Accountability Time: Maybe it is You

“I am working as hard as I can, and my goals stay just out of reach.”

“The economy is so tough. There just aren’t any jobs.”

“Everybody wants perfection, and they just won’t give me a chance.”

Have you ever found yourself saying these things, or something similar? I hear them a lot.

There can be truth in each of these statements. There is more competition for jobs than ever before. Employers are very picky and careful in their hiring processes. Sometimes working hard just isn’t enough. But is that all there is to it? As someone who is very self-critical, let me suggest that the problem could be you. Before you get mad at me, I am not suggesting that you or anyone else has some intrinsic defect that can’t be addressed. I am suggesting that there are things that you can examine and act upon that could make a difference in the trajectory of your life. Here are a few.

Your Work Quality. Whether you are employed or between jobs, the quality of your work is more important than ever. A single spelling mistake on a résumé or LinkedIn profile could mean the difference between an interview or rejection. The quality (and quantity) of your work on the job must be great. If you can’t or won’t do it well, there is someone else who will.

Your Relationships. As you network in professional settings and engage in relationships with those around you – in your home, with your friends, in your faith community and other organizations – are you giving more than you get? Are you willing to and actually giving everything you can to these relationships, creating bonds that will last, or something less? If you could be giving more, do it. Self-centeredness will lead to a very lonely place.

Your Goals. When you get up in the morning and head out the door, are you doing it for the right reasons? Is your work something that energizes and engages you, something that allows you to use your skills in a meaningful way? Do you look forward to seeing your co-workers and telling your friends and family about your accomplishments? If yes, it sounds like you are in a great place. If no, if your reason for going is just for the paycheck, it may be time to make a change.

Your Environment. What fills the world around you? Do you spend time on activities that build you up, or waste it in pass times that break you down? Some time spent in self-development, through reading, education, faith activities and other pursuits will pay dividends that won’t come from another hour of reality TV.

How Badly Do You Want It? In the end, nobody can want you to succeed more than you. Your family, friends and mentors certainly want you to do well, but you must want it more. You are responsible for yourself and your performance.

So, how badly do you want it? What does success look like in your life? What will you do in the next few minutes, hours and days to move towards that vision? You are accountable to yourself, like it or not. Think about these ideas, and give yourself that uncomfortable but crucial conversation that is a necessary part of change. Do it today!


Author: Bill Florin

Owner and President of Resu-mazing Services Company and driven to help people improve their lives by helping them with professional career marketing strategies and online reputation management services.

4 thoughts on “Accountability Time: Maybe it is You”

  1. Great post Bill 🙂 I love it because it makes you think, and brings your focus and attention to “who you are now”, where you are now, and where do you want to be and who you want to become? I believe everyone is working hard to achieve what their hearts desire is in life. I believe a lot of people try to do everything on their own, instead of trying to work with people that can help them and be a mutually beneficial relationship. I use to rationalize everything, ans what I was doing was (if you break down the word) “rationing lies” to the mind. I was rationalizing away my success, rather than looking at the good of where I am and where I can go. I like to ask myself everyday – If I say I believe what I am doing, am I actually doing it? Am I backing up my talk with walk? I believe well done is always better than well said.
    As far as the economy goes, I use to worry about gas prices, jobs, price of everyday staples…and you know what I found out? Why would I continue to feed my energy and attention to a silly idea that keeps me in the same place with the same results? This type of thinking is not progressive. I can’t control what the economy is going to be like, but I can control my results by viewing it in a positive progressive way and pick a few actions to start with and grow it from there. You have to pick anywhere to start and get moving…then look back and review make necessary adjustments and keep moving.

    I live in a state of constant gratitude and being so appreciative of everyone I come into contact with. They are showing you who you can be in life, and what you take and apply from this understanding is your choice. Goals are great..I like to ask myself who do I have to become to attain this goal? Who do I want to show the world I am? And, am I actually behaving and showing the world that type of person?

    It is not what you say or what you do that give your words or actions power. It is who you have become behind your actions and words that give them power. So when you trying to achieve something, ask yourself who would you have to become to achieve this? what characteristics would this type of person possess? As you develop yourself into a higher state of awareness, you will also attract those some kind of people.

    Hope some of my experiences and awareness has been helpful. I’m not trying to tell you what to do, rather just share and see if some of it can benefit you in your life. 🙂

    Love. Enthuse. Inspire Others 🙂 Jason

    1. Thanks for sharing your comments on this, Jason. To add just one more thought to everything you said is the need to have a high sense of urgency. Do it now, whatever it is. We can’t just assume that tomorrow will happen, so if we can do something today, why wait?

  2. This is true Bill, urgency is necessary as well..dont let failure or fear stop you, keep pressing on and moving on…we tend to not be good at things the first few times we do them, but with persistence we can break through to where we want to be…and if we wait we will never know…I believe people wait because they don’t know how to execute on a committed decision..and hesitate usually from a lack of self confidence in themselves…it is something we all have to work on in all areas in our life….how have you handled making more effective decisions when you felt down in your life and not much hope? what got you through the void?

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